Winds, Shower progress.

Wind, wind, and more wind. We have a few nice days then get winds. Enough that we are not able to work on the new shower. The wooden box in the first photo will become the new shower.

The wooden box in the second photo is where the second compost toilet will be. The shower will be attached to this.

What we do next move the shower box over the tank we buried, level it and attach it to the other box. We will be taking a step into the shower from another box.

Shower water will drain into the tank, which we’ll use later to water plants. The metal shed “hut” is the first compost toilet.

As you can see we still have always to go. But we need nice non-windy days to accomplish the tasks.

We are still in need of linoleum, lumber, plastic, and or wood pallets if you have any of the items listed you don’t need at a reasonable price, please feel free to contact us!

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