Plateau Hame De Colquhoun dealing with heat and solar

Since we don’t have AC, during the really hot days we stay quiet, lay in front of the fans, or run errands. But this last week we haven’t been handling the heat so well.. It’s not cooling down as much at night, which doesn’t give us a chance to cool off. But it’s not just us it’s affecting, it’s affecting the solar.

When it’s hot (Yesterday it was 124° feel like 118 and over night in the 90s) the fans on the controller and inverter run, which is okay during the day, when there’s enough light to charge. But at night those fans draw a lot of power from the batteries. If we leave the big fridge on overnight the batteries will be dead by morning. Luckily the fridge is gas or electric.

We have few options to resolve this issue, and have everything to do it. We need to get cooler days to build and work outside. Until then we are busy trying to stay cool.

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