Why can’t it be easy?

The solar build is on hold 😦 We have gone through the wiring and have to admit it’s really confusing.. We have gone through it all, awhile ago trying to lay everything out according to list we got.. It was confusing cables aren’t called same thing as on the list.. So we figured we’d just build and work one step at a time..

We are now to the wiring, we figured out why it was confusing.. We are missing half of the wiring.. Emailed the company now it’s a waiting game. 🤬🤬🤬

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Modern Pioneerism

Modern Pioneerism is not easy! There are days we’re ready to throw in the towel. We miss be able to take a shower when ever we want, not have to worry about running something as simple as a fan at night. As it could run the batteries down.

Being able to have a night of music without having to complete with an generator. Having to go outside to the bathroom, even in the middle of the night. Miss the feeling of going camping as we camp 24/7. Having space for yourself. 

But even with all these,  We love it! We continue and we grow. Soon we’ll have enough solar, room, to make some of those i mentioned to get better.

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Delivery frustrations

Delivery isn’t easy even where it’s accessible.

Since having larger items or even smaller ones delivered can be an issue for us at home. We are trying to get few things we need delivered while visiting family here in Minnesota. We finally was able to get the manufacturer of our smaller solar setup to stand behind their warranty and send the replacement controller and batteries (which we had sent here).

Now we are working on our phones since all 3 of ours are old and not working right. We decided to go through #motorola and order new ones. After 3 days of bickering with them and telling them they have until Friday to the phones delivered(we head out Saturday morning). We finally got confirmation of the new phones and shipping date of Thursday.