Socorro PD New Mexico

Today while taking Brent Colquhoun to the ER I got pulled over for doing 45 in a 35, yes I was speeding, but not on purpose. I was trying to find the hospital as I’ve never been to it, watching signs, Brent wasn’t coherent and wasn’t answering questions when he did it wasn’t making any sense, he also had no color and every move/bump, stop he would only make a painful sound. My anxiety was high, I wanted to get him to the ER, I wasn’t trying to speed, but I did and have no excuse. But the cop pulled us over, I told him I was trying to get to the ER, even asked how much further the cop answered it was just over the hill (something along that line). I wanted the cop to leave so I could get Brent to the hospital as I feared the worst.

I got a ticket, and the cop asked if I wanted to fight it, knowing that it would probably slow it down more I said no, signed the ticket so I could get to the ER.

I’m not so much upset about the ticket as I am that he slowed us down from getting help. Brent is okay now, it was a bad infection, but we didn’t know at the time and when someone that is usually very coherent, independent and strong gets sick like that it’s scary.

So thanks officer S. Ramirez and the Socorro PD for little public service today!


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham