Saturday at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun and Tour of the Mesa!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. It’s a beautiful quiet Saturday here so far. I got some memories from last year at this time and we were cleaning up tumble weeds. It’s weird as this year the tumble weeds aren’t that bad. Which is nice for us, but poor Dreugan loves chasing and carrying them around. We don’t know Amigo’s reaction to them yet, but he tends to follow his big brother Dreugan around.

The business side of things the Community Tour of the mesa is now officially available to campers to book a tour.

Take a ride on the back roads of the West Mesa. Learn the history of Alien sightings, WW2 bombing practices, old west outlaws, land scams and volcanoes. View the overlooks of the Rio Grande valley and Arroyo, visit the labyrinths, ancient stones, and ruins of 1950’s wells.

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