Realtors (Land Brokers) buying land in the Desert. Buyers be prepared

I don’t understand realtors (Land Brokers), is it only about the money? We get people driving out here lost looking for land, or they buy land not being prepared for living up here. We try to help as much as we can. But there’s only so much we can do. Many can’t even build anything until the land is paid off, but they put all their money into the property and have no where else to go. Yet they can’t make it without a solid structure to live in.

I do have to say the realtor Daniel works with his customers, he has asked us if it’s okay he sends people looking at land in this area to us. He has great communication skills, and seems to care.. (no he didn’t pay us to say that, we’ve never actually met him in person). We don’t sugar coat it, living out here isn’t easy, you have to be solid, winds will tear up anything that isn’t solid. Wells are very expensive it’s cheaper to haul water, and even though there’s a powerline you can’t access it. Don’t build or park vehicles and leave, it probably won’t be there when you get back, or you’ll have/had squatters and they tore it up. Try to build where neighbors can see your buildings, if we can’t see it, and you’re gone it’s likely to be vandalized. Become friends with the neighbors, we help watch out for each other. I can only talk about this area we live in, others I don’t know how they work.

I understand making money, we all do. But you’d think if you send buyers out with good info and they make it, continue to live on the land it’d be better, than the buyers failing and you having to resell the land? Many of these pieces of land become trashed, piles of left items, tents, poles, and then others start dumping trash.

It’s not only about the potential buyer, it’s about all of us out here, you leave something valuable out, or build and leave. It’s an invitation to vandals, which puts us all at risk.

Don’t get me wrong.. It doesn’t all fall on the realtor (Land Broker). People need to do their research and read the fine print. But a little education from the realtor would be nice too.. you’d think they would rather the person succeed in living in their property and not fail

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