Hard Day/s

Today’s been a hard one.. One of those days you question are we doing the right thing? We have a sick dog Litha that nothing is helping her. She has cancer, we knew it was coming but hoped not for a long time, sure we can take her in and pay tons of money and maybe give her little bit more time. But we’ve already talked to vets and all said they didn’t think treatment would help, and we feel she wouldn’t want that, nor can we afford it. But we would try if we knew it’d help her. . It’s hard as she doesn’t want to eat, we’ve tried everything. Canned food, homemade baked chicken, broth.. Vet told us to water down a little bit of Ensure, and to try yogurt. She wouldn’t eat either one.

She will eat a spoonful of canned dog food.. We put brewers yeast and a stomach enzyme powder on to hopefully give B vitamins and help with her stomach. But she is fading away to nothing, and there’s nothing we can do. She still wants to be with us, she came out when we came home from town and met us, with as much excitement as she can do, But now we question when do we decide she isn’t happy?

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