Life in the Desert and getting services

Living in the desert is quiet, peaceful with beautiful views of mountains, fresh air, and the most awestruck views of the night sky.

But like with every pro there is a con. The big con for us is deliveries and services, we are not able to get US Postal Service , UPS , or FedEx to come out. Yesterday was yet another disappointing service failure #trashpickup. All our neighbors agreed to want some type of trash pickup service, as like us, they hate having to haul it off ourselves, for an often wasted two hour trip because the landfill seems only to be open as they choose to.

Yet again we got nothing but disappointment, not because the trash company won’t come, but the cost of them coming.. Not only would there be a monthly trash bill, but also a mileage and hourly bill for their driver, as they say it’s to far out (remind you we are only 14 miles from town). But this company Valley Sanitation, LLC. . has the only contract with the county of Socorro and in order for them to get here they have to drive out of their way to Belen which is in a different county.

There is a south access up here that would save about 50 miles, but the county is unwilling to maintain it, so right now it is not passable for a vehicles of any type. If this access was available we would have just normal costs for service as well as other availabilities. It’s really a waste for us that we live in a county when we can’t even access the county or the services our taxes are providing for. Maybe, #MichelleLujanGrisham our Governor here in New Mexico will have a different perspective.

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