Road to Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Road to Plateau Hame De Colquhoun! In the next days/weeks many things will be changing within our layout.

We’ve been so busy with all the projects, and campers, we haven’t taken time to record or edit anything we’ve recorded. We are hoping to start adding content to the #artoftinyliving #youtubechannel about #modernpioneerism, #homesteading and living #OFFGRID soon!

Projects we’re working on now

  • Finish building, mount and wire solar panels.
  • Finish battery room in battery/storage container.
  • Move enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailer is becoming water storage.
  • Set up Music Studio/Library Blue Moon container.
  • Setup kitchen,hangout container
  • Grade road, build more camping areas.
  • Finish painting sign
  • Build a shower

Future projects so far

Plant trees and gardens
Build stage, observation deck on the #bluemoonbeer container!
Water collection
Build maze

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