Not as planned

Today is one of those days where things don’t work out the way we had planned. We’re trying to find at least an used good riding mower to mow down some of the grass. We can’t even find a new mower, (dealers told us there’s a shortage) we were able to find someone that’d rent us one.

Container was supposed to be delivered today, but the truck broke down (Luckily before he had even hooked up the container). Might be another week or so before it can be delivered.

Mel spent part of the day on the phone trying to get Drs appointments set up. As many of you know she has a lot of sinus issues and has had many surgeries. To get into the University of New Mexico ENT you have to have a covid test and quarantine no more than 3 days before the appointment. To get the covid test she has to see her regular Dr before to get scheduled for the test. Now all the appointments are set up (we hope), day is over, got light rain and beautiful rainbow!

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