Projects and future projects Modern Pioneerism

Our projects and future goals for Plateau Hame De Colquhoun!

1. 8kw 48v Solar system consists of 16 panels. 12 200ah batteries. We have bought the lumber for Phase one. Though we are going slow at this with hopes lumber prices will drop.
2. Music studio/Library
The blue moon container is going to be an Music Studio and Library!
3. Kitchen, sitting room, guest sleeping area. We bought the container for this and should be shipped within a week or two! Video is of the soon to be Kitchen!

4.Water system. We get water delivered 1000 gallons at a time. The water is stored in 4 350 gallon IBC toted. We plan to plumb the totes to run into a well pump(We have sitting in box in the container).

5. Shower, we are planning on building an outdoor shower next to the hut!

Future projects hopefully

1. Stage- we hope to build a stage in front of the Blue Moon Container. A place where we can hold concerts plus many other events!

2. Scenic deck atop the blue moon container will be a place to hang out and enjoy the views!

3. Plant Trees and gardens.. We have trees available to us, but before planting we need to get the water finished! Gardens we are hoping to use compost for the soil.

4. Prickly pear/ Juniper Jam.. we plan on harvest and making jam, to sell to those that come camp or visit.

These are few things we have planned so far, we have few other projects in the works.

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