No Electricity

Sitting here this morning listening to the wind hit the RV, wishing we had electricity to charge up our devices, watch TV. Yes we can run the generator and do all that. But that also means a noisy generator and using gasoline. But it’d also mean missing the sound of the wind blowing, or even sound of Dreugan at my feet snoring.

Soon we will have the new solar built, set up and it’s big enough to run the RV and Brent’s studio. Which means we can finally get Brent’s stuff out of storage and get the container set up. Then hopefully for the first time since we started this adventure on the West mesa ( or as we call it “Plateau Hame De Colquhoun”) we can feel at home.

Don’t get me wrong we are home, we love it here. But a huge part has been missing and it’s been in storage.

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