Still no Delivery

It’s now Sunday and FedEx did not show up yesterday like they stated they would. We had plans of making a video of everything and using it today. Sorry there won’t be a Sunday video this week.

The FedEx shipment is well over 300 lbs and somewhat fragile. We can go and pick it all up with the trailer on the car, but fear pulling it over the dirt roads.

I don’t understand why all the packages could have gone through one service?! 9 of the packages where sent FedEx one came UPS and one USPS. We had the UPS dropped off at a Dropbox (We’ve already picked it up), we still have one waiting at the post office for us to pick up tomorrow, Monday.

artoftinyliving #USPS #ups #FedEx #deliveries #lost #packages #mail #dirtroads #BackRoads

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