Relaxing night

A well deserve night of relaxing around the fire after a busy hectic weekend.
There was an small event at the Educational Center this weekend. Which would had been easy. But Friday night we had a verily big storm go through that did some damage to trees, destroyed one if our tents anitger persons canvas carport.
Saturday we spent cutting and cleaning up and hauling off the 6 trees. Then to top it off the evened needed some bales of straw. Brent a nd I went to haul them out of the hay shed. I was inside handing off to Brent. I hadn’t realized there was a grounds wasp nest in the bales until I was covered in wasps. I got stung at least 8 times, Brent trying to get them off me got stung 3. We are both fine, needless to say we didn’t take any bales out and called it quits for the day.
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