Art Of Tiny Living

Who are we?

Tiny Living, kind of magic.

Hi! We are Melodie and Brent. Two of us along with 2 teenagers, 2 dogs and a cat had lived part time in our 8 x 16 tiny home part time in Minnesota, until the fall of 2019 when we moved in full time.

The winter of 2019-2020 we spent a couple months in New Mexico for work. While there we purchased 5 acres vacant of property on the west Mesa just south of Albuquerque.

During our stay in New Mexico we also bought a 92 Lazy Daze Rv that needed some interior work. Once our work was finished for the season the 7 of us headed back to Minnesota to live out the spring and summer in our tiny house while remodeling the Rv.

Fall of 2020 our plans is to move into the RV full time on our New Mexico property. But to achieve this plan we most compete the remodel of the RV. Sort though and down size our items in our storage unit to haul to New Mexico. Once in New Mexico we will need to figure out electric and water.

You can watch and read about our progress on his site, our YouTube channel, Facebook and on Instagram! Make sure to subscribe to one or all to get updates!

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