Busy Days Ahead

We have so much to get done by next weekend. Between us getting sick, weather, rehearsal and other commitments we haven’t been able to achieve our goal of having the shower up and going by the Nomad Gathering in the Desert . The shower is the one thing we keep putting on the back burner. It will get done. We have everything but one more IBC tote to do it. Just need the time, weather to work with us.

The last couple weeks we’ve been busy helping and running sound, rehearsing for a local group. “Round House Rock” a current events musical comedy theater that will be performing this Saturday May 13 at the Center For Ageless Living !

With that, and other events out of the way, next week we’ll be hitting it hard to get ready. Mowing, signage, preparing the stage and more.

Make sure to purchase your registration so we can assign campsites according to your size needed. You are welcome to buy First Come First Serve registration at the Dusty Nail General Store upon your arrival, but remember these are for any sites that may not have been reserved and camping in the Parking lot. If you’d like to be closer to the activity you will need to reserve your site.

Make sure to come with your water full, black/ grey tanks empty. Prepare for the road, make sure everything is secure. We have not pulled a 5th wheel in personally but been told to take your time. TT, Class C, A, any other vehicles, slow is not always better especially over the washboards. We’ve found in our 37 ft Class A, our 26 ft Class C and pulling trailers around 30 mph is best ( you’ll have to play with it and find the right speed). Little speed helps float over the top, you go slow you’ll sink into each rib. You’ll still feel the washboards are just not as bad. Swerving back and forth helps too.

If we get some rain, we are hoping the neighbor will grade the road. Winds cause much of the wash boards, without rain the road is too hard to grade with a tractor. Though these are county roads, the county won’t maintain them, and we all try with what equipment we have, which is a small tractor and a blade.

There are no big rocks or hills to worry about. We drive a Kia, have had Mini Cooper, Honda Civic, couple 44 ft 5th wheels and smaller, many different sizes of Class A and Cs, tear drops, vans, trucks all drive through it all just fine.

Feel free to message, email, text or call us (information can be found on the website) if you have any questions.

If you’d like to attend the Round House Rock visit http://gnstrickland.com/Mobile/mobile.html or call the number listed on the image for more information.


” Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is located on the southern point of the West Mesa by Bosque, New Mexico off I25 just 41 miles south of Albuquerque. A place for fun and relaxation, star gazing all year long. Visit our website for details”


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